Connect Or Tap Into Your Body’s Energy For Healing.

Virginia Bottega

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This is an inward process and not an outward one. Talk therapy or talking with your therapist is great but you can only talk about what you are aware of. Intuitive healing helps you to tap into your body’s energy field and what you are not consciously aware of.

Using The Body’s Energy For Healing


Your body does and will without a doubt give you warning signals, early warning signs that something is “off”. We really are fine tuned beings. The body is always listening and transmitting information to you. If you are aware and listen to your body you are already tuned in.


Its now just a matter of where do you take it from there? People don’t always know what to do with the information their body is giving them so they take a tablet


Yes visualization and focused intention are essential for tapping into your energy system for healing and Healers are helpful in assisting you with this process by guiding you inward.


Without identifying the blocks you cannot be cured, this is a very important part of tapping into your body for healing.


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