Seven Day Healing Retreat in Bali

$ 1999

Seven Day Healing Retreat

in Bali


From the 20 - 27 March 2020 Join us for a once in a lifetime experience in beautiful Bali with a healing journey that will serve you for years to come.

MASTER4L Living Retreats


is offering a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the sacred Balinese culture and countryside for seven days while experiencing a series of workshops designed to turbo charge your personal healing and self development.


Three of South Africa’s leading healer/teachers will be offering a rich and diverse programme of Shamanic, Healing and Art processes, blended into an unforgettably magical journey of self-discovery.


On Nyepi Day delegates will be able to have individual sessions with Virginia, Ronnie and Richard, who offer Reiki,

Access Bars, Astrology, Tarot and Numerology Readings. All included in the package.

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Investment $1999


Includes retreat and seven nights accommodation at the beautiful Mathis Retreat in Ubud, with breakfast & supper as well as a temple visit.


Excludes return airfares to Bali and airport transfers. For more information, itinerary and bookings please feel free to contact any of the retreat facilitators:

Transformational Healer

Virginia Bottega

082 768 5895

Shamanic Constellations

Richard Higgins

076 046 3044

Tarot, Art and Astrology

Ronnie Biccard

067 402 8818




Friday 20th March

Arrival and Check-in

Saturday 21st March

Workshop Day 1 - Air

Sunday 22nd March

Workshop Day 2 - Water

Monday 23rd March

Workshop Day 3 - Fire

Tuesday 24th March

Workshop Day 4 -Earth

Wednesday 25th March

Nyepi Day

Thursday 26th March

Temple Visit

Friday 27th March






One day before Nyepi is Pengerupukan Day, when all the villagers come out for the annual Ogoh-Ogoh parades.


These giant, brilliantly creative effigies depicting the demons that disturb human lives, are carried through the streets by the youth with musical accompaniment and dramatic bamboo torch lights.


It is a vibrant cultural experience

unlike anything else in the world

and is not to be missed!

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Nyepi Day in Bali



Nyepi is a " Day of Silence" which announces the arrival of the New Year in Bali. This Hindu celebration is a day of fasting and meditation for the Balinese, and provides for perfect integration time at the end of our workshop. It is 24 hours of clean air, no traffic emissions and noise, and the opportunity to connect deeply with nature.


Virginia Bottega |  +27 82 768 5895

Reidiant Whispers Lytpod |

35 Cowley Road, Bryanston | Klevehill Park | Sandton | South Africa

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