Colour Your Chakras

Virginia Bottega

Colour Your Chakras

The word “Chakra” comes for the Sanksrit word meaning ‘Wheel of Light”. Your chakras are responsible for filtering Earth energy and Cosmic Energy and balance your Life energy. This energy system has 7 chakras within the physical body.

The Root chakra – base spine:
Financial security, safe – If this chakra is out you may suffer from lethargy, knee pain, sciatica.
Lesson: Self preservation

Sacral chakra – bellow belly button:
Emotional center, sense of well being, pleasure – lower back pain, hips, kidney problems, sexual issues, addictions.
Lesson: Honouring relationships

Solar Plexus – center of body:
Self worth, confidence, self esteem – high blood pressure, diabetes, gall bladder, stomach ulcers, digestive problems
Lesson: Self acceptance

Heart Chakra – Chest:
Love, joy, inner peace – shoulder, heart, wrist, upper back
Lesson: I Love

Throat chakra – neck:
Communication, self expression – neck, shoulder, thyroid
Lesson: Let your voice be heard

Third eye – between eyebrows:
Intuition, wisdom – headaches, hearing loss, eye strain, blurred vision, seizures
Lesson: To see the Big picture

Crown Chakra – Top of the head:
Connection to spirituality – depression, sensitivity to light, sound, environment
Lesson: Live mindfully

Our chakras function to keep us in balance, they are responsible for our general sense of well being. When a chakra is out of balance it affects us physically. We need to be aware that we create imbalance in our chakra’s through our thought patterns first. Illness in the body is the last manifestation of an emotional block or issue.

There are times when a chakra may be damaged due to various reasons and Colour Therapy can remedy its impaired function. Reiki, Crystal balancing, Reflexology, Yoga or Qi Kung are but a few other ways to balance your chakra system. Daily meditation and visualizations will also bring your chakra system into balance. Bring your awareness to keeping your energy system clear. Positive affirmations for a chakra you are aware you have issues with will also help to shift a block.

Virginia Bottega