Shield Yourself

Doreen Virtue

Shield Yourself

It is not being dramatic to feel you may be under psychic attack or have picked up unwanted energies by visiting certain places or being in the company of certain lower energy individuals.  Energetically protecting or shielding yourself is as important as taking a shower or a bath daily.

To shield yourself, just imagine, think or visualise yourself completely enveloped in whatever colour light you choose. You can also shield others or objects such as vehicles or homes with light. Shields do ware off so it is important to repeat this process daily.

You can choose anyone of the following colours:

White light for protection against crime or physical attack.

Pink light protects against negativity such as gossip or complaining.

Green light can be used for healing or illness.

Purple light against Psychic attack.

Mirrored ball when you are feeling vulnerable.

Lead shield is the ultimate shield against negativity.

Triple shield, you can use 3 of the colours above.

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